Intelligent Door Locks Quickly Into The Smart Home Era

- Dec 11, 2017 -

  Technology is also rapidly spreading among people who enter the smart home era, in order to protect personal information and property to play safe, smart door locks is a popular saying "It's a non-science I rely on a mechanical lock! In addition to making a private room However, any mechanical lock is a big problem, and I've forgotten that many people still do not know exactly what to say in front of the key wallet phone, my key has been locked experience I do not know so many people, anyway, I have experienced because smart security lock is open, open the door to smart home.

There are two main categories of appearances for the current smart burglar lock: 1 is the password and fingerprint sensor directly on the top of the door, which looks simple and easy to use. One is to use this slider design to hide the password panel and fingerprint sensor in the image. Hidden design not only does not increase the visual unity of feeling, reflecting the high level of safety and practicality, the touch panel has not been exposed to the direct wind and sun, safer you can.

First of all, introduce smart lock experience, smart lock set fingerprint lock, password lock, IC card lock, unlock ID, APP also set the lock spare key, just to be sure, of course, release a lock I will. Simple life forget the key again do not worry, you go out to the same time to improve the happiness, but also very instant texture design, improve the taste of the owners. Fake fingerprint film unlocking eliminates optical fingerprinting and intelligently recognizes body temperature, while using the fourth generation, the recognition time is less than or equal to 0.5S, which can be described as safe and effective. In use, you can later enter the correct password, enter more than 40 numbers, at random, completely prevent anti-peeping to prevent cracking, unlock the password. So you do not have to worry about the dense passwords on your TV.

The latest smart-lock anti-theft locks, such as short-haul passengers, nannies, and other authorized to unlock, people, they immediately leave after you failed to support interim certification, worry that it can be described as labor. This locking, powered by battery power, increases the fourth-battery life by one year, long-term effects and durability. Because of this low battery, will remind reminders, power outages will end the trouble, support USB backup power supply.