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Intelligent Electric Bolts Installation Process

Release Timeļ¼šSep 13, 2017

  Speaking of smart electronic locks, this is a mysterious and ordinary product. The installation of such a product is not common sense, there are many friends, experience or the operation of this product, adding non-traditional way to unlock the key to the smart electronic lock or mechanical lock, the main TV series, you can also watch movies and shops.

Perhaps because of its "contradiction" exists, but more people are interested in smart electronic locks. So edit the little team to handle the record of installing smart electronic locks on the electric bolt process for all the friends.

Step 1: Remove

If you are just a traditional door lock on the door, do not simply think it is great to see if the smart electronic lock is actually electric bolts, compared to being removed. Locking the fuselage also has several locking points, but after the main station and on-site installation, the lock points and safety are proportional to the most critical points, which are robust and reliable, and the rest are connected together. Fill the smaller results of the body, reduce the safety point to bring interest

The second stage: initial installation, measurement

If you need an electronic lock "test" on the safety door, remove the old lock. According to the size of the existing door locks, the width of the door and the new lock body, thickness and other data must be measured. In the bolt position, the security door marked with holes. Is to install a disruptive installation of electronic locks.

The third step: perforation, perforation

Electric bolts in the measurement of relevant data, you must remove the lock body, and should use the angle grinder or disc sander and other anti-theft door steel cutting. Scattered Mars should be installed in the field, should produce noise. Low-key switch, do not know your neighbors, do not interfere.

Step 4: Install the lock body and calibrate it

According to the above preparations, the real installation process. First of all, the lock body must be fixed, fully fixed in order to adjust the second. The smart electronic lock matches the original door frame, and most importantly, the position of the tongue is not tilted. When you read a lot of pictures on the site, the door does not look long but does not affect the use, but does not affect the appearance.

Step 5: Install the front and rear panels

Simple panel installation is the "smart" core. A lock is formed between the main body of the lock and the panel by fixing a large bolt in front of and behind the panel between the cables. Waterproof equipment should also be installed rubber cans and so on. You can see the smart electronic locking structure is actually very complex, more than the traditional mechanical lock tank more electronic locks.

Step 6: Try your password

After completing all the necessities of setting up the Smart Electronic Lock, you must change the original password and enter your administrator's fingerprint information so that your home is safe. All operations require a password or a fingerprint to determine administrator privileges.

From the door to install, commission, the whole process to more than 2 hours, the time required to measure, open the time. If the original keyhole is small, cutting takes a long time. Calibration is patient, the main vernier caliper measurement data is very good, all data errors can lead to irreparable damage.

Once you move to remove the smart electronic lock electric bolts and other reasons, the original mechanical lock may lead to irreversible, because the electronic electronic lock is strongly installed, want to buy a smart electronic lock friends, is the use of plans to keep in touch with the workers and install the owner The