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Intelligent Electronic Lock Purchase Method

Release Timeļ¼šNov 20, 2017

  With the advent of the smart home era, many smart products have begun to replace traditional products. One of the smartest smart locks is that more and more people provide us with convenience and security. As the demand grows, we need to keep our eyes wide open from the time smart lock purchases, to avoid going astray.

First, the more features the better.

Although more and more people use smart locks, very few people really understand, but some consumers to recognize that their products always emphasize the power of the product. We use smart locks to store fingerprints, some companies can store up to 1000 fingerprints, while others can store about 200 fingerprints.

Really big gap it? The reality is that the answer 1000's fingerprint processor uses the normal assumption that for a normal 200, it may be slow enough to keep the number of claims fingerprinted.

A multi-functional failure will be even more so, smart locks will be more likely to be in good and bad failures, unstable performance, high uncertainty, depending on features, functions, and more. We do not have many features, such as the convenience of purchasing a smart lock, to protect the safety of our family's belongings.

Second, try to open up a better path.

Of course, there are smart lock devices smart lock iris, face recognition, remote phones, application door, door fingerprint, password, open credit card. These methods are convenient for us, but there are a lot of security risks.

Very mature, facial recognition, remote handset, application development and other open technologies, the technology opens up a very fine, but a more secure statement of risk, but it is a relatively safe in this example, the destruction of criminals is easy, not high.

Third, the mechanical cylinder is better?

Whether traditional or smart locks, we are used to protecting the safety of family property. Some manufacturers believe that intelligent automatic lock switch reflects their message, although they give up the existing mechanical cylinder lock to make smart smart In fact, this is not good, but abandoned the traditional mechanical cylinder, we mechanical lock The core must not be an emergency protection in an emergency.

Fourth, the higher the price the better quality?

Due to the different cost of smart lock, the market price will be different, there are some smart lock products on the market. Understand the lack of intelligence, market lock-up, so that enterprises easily misunderstood, the higher the price the better the relative quality.

The quality of the purchasing performance should be judged intelligently, safely and steadily when we see the price mentioned further. In order to avoid the smart lock panel which is usually made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, plastic and their functions are used to change other smart locks and other materials, we have the price expansion smart lock, according to their own circumstances choose to buy.