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Intelligent Lock Market Development

Release Timeļ¼šJan 15, 2018

  However, as an entry-level smart home product, the penetration rate of smart rock is less than 3%, while that of overseas countries, the United States and Europe is more than 50%. There is a big gap between Japan and South Korea and other countries, 70 which is close to%. Maybe this means that this is a blue ocean market, but there is still a long way to go.

Such a high profile "starting" Smart Lock Lynx platform is actually a smart lock in the domestic market, about to stimulate the precursor. Data show: Bobcats intelligent lock super special category, the amount of sales touch the deer's broken tens of thousands of yuan, digestion 5000 sold out the same event is the last m-home fund-raising, jointly organized and millet at Kumokanae, we introduced the classic Deer, 4 consumption. Although in the market and consumer level, not difficult to find, but the smart home market is crumbling.

Great Speed Layout in Smart Lock Market Print Dynamic Milestones Reveal Strong Inbound Investment Milestones Last year, speculation about specific behaviors "Xiaomi is investing and learning by itself." In the context of Xiaomi's introduction of the smart rock industry, besides the "money" king on the market, right before the first shot, the other giants will invest in sophisticated brands like Clay Cloud, and basically create "Sen "The product is a smart choice.

Rebuilding the scene is another breakthrough. We will introduce the previous smart locks, passwords, fingerprints, Bluetooth and other keys and the main "smart" place in the scene is relatively simple, there may be more biometric methods, and finally only "I am about to untie myself "And smart home after.

The smart home platform in the Smart Lock scene is very important, but easily overlooked. For example, as a user, turning on an earlier home TV turns on the air in the home and imagines changing the location the user is trying to perceive over the phone. As the user opens the door when the user leaves the home, the unnecessary open smart home product also hibernate makes the home alarm system soon, the home that can make a variety of scenarios to activate a smart home product imagine the moment you turn to the footsteps .