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Internet Smart Lock Will Bring Many Surprises To Living

Release Timeļ¼šMar 02, 2018

  Locks are the most familiar strangers in people's homes. No matter how society changes, it is a market that will never disappear because the most basic human needs such as the protection of personal and property security and privacy will not change. However, when the mobile Internet has not yet become popular, it is hard to imagine huge entrepreneurial opportunities behind everyday simple actions like door opening and closing.

  What kind of lock can be called "smart lock"? The most intuitive feature of the smart lock is "de-key", one is to open the door with the human body's fingerprint, iris, brush face, touch and other biometric identification, the other is to use the mobile App management can be built with Bluetooth, WiFi Internet Smart Lock. Internet smart lock not only resolved the distress of the lost key, but also has the remote management, real-time status check, violence opened the door lock pry lock, comes with lithium battery charging and other functional advantages, making the Internet intelligent lock become the most ambitious "entry level" Smart home products.

 First, brain open, a smart lock will give Internet access to life how many surprises

  Some high-end market mechanical lock, slot precision, open the door smoothly, people have to praise the industrialization of the lock mature. The birth of smart lock into the blood of the old industry into the new blood, the majority think the smart lock is just a traditional lock function upgrades, just as color TV instead of black and white TV, or the same channel and people are playing. Minority think smart locks take the opportunity to move the Internet to profoundly change the scene of people's lives at home, as a "lock" to open the door only the underlying hardware, physical carrier, but in the long run nature is the Internet, once the Internet smart lock into millions of households scale Effect, home into a highly viscous heavy users, will show a new business model.

  Version 3.0 of the Internet smart lock phase, with the installation base to reach the critical point after the formation of network efficiency, the Internet Smart Lock App can become a family or even between the family of communication tools; "smart lock + APP" will become the other smart home products touch center, Docking more and more community O2O and home services, such as the morning when you go to work hungry breakfast automatically sent to hand, and gradually formed an open ecosystem of family life services.

  Many smart lock research mainly on how to open the lock more secure, convenient, the profit point is to sell hardware, or the "lock of the door lock"; and Internet smart lock to learn the advantages of smart locks to create hardware (Lock) and software (in-app) are real "smart" locks after the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) technology such as deep learning and machine algorithms, and become the home of the Internet of Things Super entrance.