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Magnetic Lock Suppliers

Release Timeļ¼šJun 30, 2017

There are a variety of magnetic locks (drilling magnetic lock, card magnetic lock) these two locks easy to open, do not have to elaborate, more difficult to open the cylindrical Wang magnetic lock.
      Wang Li A-class magnetic lock consists of five magnet marbles, according to the principle of the magnet is divided into N pole and S pole (commonly known as the lower plate and negative) physical structure is the same sex rejection, the opposite sex to absorb the principle set. When the original key is inserted into the keyhole, the five marbles are homosexual, and the marbles are discharged to the outside. The key pulled out to the keyhole, the five marbles are generally divided into three positive and negative pole, the key is the same. (Or three positive and two negative), but the distribution of the text is irregular invisible, which gives us a great deal of difficulties caused by the study of many, is to develop a more ideal tool introduced as follows:
     Magnetic lock tool is composed of five cylindrical and multi-magnet, each bead to the gap as the center, divided into N pole and S pole, before the lock can be moved to lift the magnetic beads 360 degrees, the angle of each lock is different, the magnet Make the tool into the keyhole to turn the key lever, pull out the magnet, roll it to the left or right again by one millimeter, scroll once and turn the key once, repeat it, if it can not be turned on, and then turn the five beads positive and lock the pole position , Will be able to achieve the purpose of opening.
      First with a little iron on the point, blowing into the lock core where the magnet has been sticky with iron. Take a look at a few by the composition of the magnetic, generally divided into four to five two. Observe the location of the magnetic point to see whether the use of large beads or small beads, the general combination of law, the magnetic point with a large magnet, magnetic density with a thin magnet. The combination of the magnets and the position of the magnetic points in the lock are approximately the same. Combination to complete the insertion of a lock cylinder, can not be opened. Turn the tool on the magnet, usually within 5 minutes to open.