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Magnetic Locks For Doors Price

Release Timeļ¼šJul 06, 2017

Magnetic lock (or electromagnetic lock) design and the same as the electromagnet, is the use of the principle of electromagnetism, when the current through the silicon steel, the electromagnetic lock will produce a strong suction tightly sucked iron plate to achieve the effect of locking the door The As long as the small current electromagnetic lock will produce a great magnetic force, control the electromagnetic lock power access control system to identify the right after the power, the electromagnetic lock to lose suction to open the door. Because the electromagnetic lock is not complicated mechanical structure and the structure of the tongue, apply to the escape door or fire door access control. Its internal use of epoxy resin (epoxy) protection lock body. The current suction force of the electromagnetic lock is expressed in LB (pounds), the test method is static pressure. The so-called static pressure is the electromagnetic lock after the power gradually increased gradually to the adsorption of iron plate tension, when the suction force beyond the electromagnetic lock when the suction iron plate, the tension of the data is the electromagnetic lock of the tension value. And the force of the electromagnetic lock and the adsorbed iron plate must be face-to-face and be a collinear load test, so that the holding force of the magnetic lock is the largest. Adsorption of iron due to a long time by the magnet magnetization of the magnet may be a temporary magnetization.

Outside the door of the installation method The first step: first with a screwdriver to open the cover, and then use the hexagonal wrench to play the side board, ready to install the second step: take out the installation of cardboard, the cardboard along the dotted line folding card to the required lock And then the need to punch the place to mark the hole after the third step: A sub-iron plate of the fixed, the hexagon screw into the sub-iron plate, the rubber factory set with two pieces of metal Division And then set on the hex screws. Will insert the iron plate into the door to play the three holes, while the mushroom head from the other side of the door into the use of hexagonal wrench will be locked in the door on the door. B side plate is fixed, the side plate with two semi-circular head screws fixed in the previously perforated door frame (fixed in the side plate of the long hole). Note: Do not lock the side panels so that they can be moved back and forth to facilitate the correction of the position. The position of the side plate to correct the edge plate is suitable for the position of the side plate and the secondary plate, so that the lock main body can be brought into close contact with the iron plate. D lock the lock body and the side plate to lock the side plate of the semi-round head screws, then lock all the countersunk head screws, and then remove the semi-round head screws, drilling holes in the appropriate location for wiring. Finally, with a hex wrench lock the main lock on the side board Step 4: follow the instructions instructions wiring. Step 5: Cover the cover and insert the small aluminum cylinder into the screw hole of the main body. Installation Precautions When installing the iron plate, do not lock it so that it can swing slightly to facilitate the natural combination of the lock body.