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Note The Purchase Of Electronic Locks

Release Timeļ¼šSep 29, 2017

According to the application to determine the functional requirements, because the use of different environments have different functional focus. As a financial institution office electronic lock, must have the function: all the key card must have time limit function, lock the door to open the record function, there are hierarchical management functions. On the basis of the basic functions, in order to adapt to the future development, you can consider the expansion of the lock system (the system can manage the staff office, public channel, dedicated channel, etc.), consider the card system technology interface and other issues, to do real-time monitoring room door Of the state, in the case of extraordinary events can control the door open and so on. The best solution is to network the door lock, and consider the interface of other IC card system in order to achieve the card.

Electronic locks as security products must be safe and stable. Security can be measured in two ways: one is to resist intentional destruction, mischief and deliberate pry, drilling and other violent damage. In this regard, the mechanical strength of the current mechanical locks and electronic locks are generally required to meet the requirements. In all types of door locks, only the RF card electronic door lock is fully enclosed structure, its security is best. Second, to prevent technology to open, mechanical lock anti-technology ability to open very poor. Regardless of the structure of the mechanical lock can be opened by other means. The key can be copied is a great security risk. In the electronic door lock, the magnetic card due to no password restrictions, the key card is easy to be copied. IC card and RF card is completely solve the problem of preventing technology from opening.

In the door should not open the door, the door can not be closed when the door to the financial industry can bring serious losses. In general, several electronic door locks, RF card electronic door lock stability was significantly higher than other electronic door locks. Magnetic card is afraid of strong magnetic field, IC card afraid of oil, dust and static electricity (especially dry weather and wool together), and RF card with a fully sealed, waterproof, anti-static, anti-dust characteristics. From the reader approach, only the RF card reader does not touch, its longest life.

IC card can be used as identification, tickets, electronic wallet, etc., and contact IC card electronic door lock card operation is not convenient (long operation time), poor environmental adaptability and other difficult to overcome the problem to gradually be eliminated, especially in Public and semi-public use of the environment, such as attendance, dining consumption, public transport system, parking and so on. Non-contact IC card electronic door lock is just to produce a new electronic door lock. Because of its high reliability, high security, no contact, fast and convenient operation, long service life and become a contact IC card electronic door replacement products.

Electronic lock appearance to be fine, the surface can not be clearly scratched or rust, the key to the magnetic lock is to see his resistance to tension, the need for professional equipment to measure out, so only after the installation, hand suddenly forced to pull A pull, pull can not be regarded as normal, but should pay attention to install the electromagnetic lock body to fit, suction iron do not install too tight, otherwise it will affect the pull resistance.