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Principle Of Work Of Magnetic Door Locks And Their Advantages

Release Time´╝ÜOct 17, 2016

Magnetic door locks are some the most frequently used devices by locksmiths when they perform their job responsibilities. If you're going to connect your future career with a technical job, it's highly important to learn how these locks work, what they do, and the many advantages you can benefit from while working with them.

Magnetic Door Locks: Components


Magnetic lock (in an abbreviated form a mag lock) is produced from an electromagnet and an armature plate that is frequently used in the industry of locksmithing. The door opening has to be installed when a magnet is inside of it. In this way you'll prevent any possible damaging of the device. At the same time, the armature plate has to be installed on the face of the door for the mechanisms to function together in a proper way.


When the magnet is being charged with the electrical power, a magnetic attraction emerges as a result of this process. This magnetism helps to keep the magnet closely to the plate that contributes to the general security of the door lock. The door lock can be powered in two possible ways: 1) with the help of a separate battery or a certain number of batteries, or 2) via the building's electrical system. Besides, the door magnetic locks can be powered with the usage of DC power but this method requires a converter unit in addition. It's interesting to know that these locks can be designed fail safe. It means that the door will stay closed even if there is temporarily no electricity in the building. This enables occupants to leave the building safely in similar situations.


Magnetic Door Lock Operation


This type of door locks offers a number of advantages which are constituent parts of the overall security and efficiency of the lock. First of all, these locks are very difficult to damage in comparison with the traditional lock cylinders. Having such a lock at home you won't need to constantly remember where your keys are as this system doesn't use any keys. Those locks are directly connected with an electrical system of security, so you will be immediately informed if anyone tries to damage your lock.


There're four basic operation methods of magnetic door locks. The first method involves a buzzer and has to be manually operated to open the door by releasing the lock. The second involves the use of a keypad system that opens and closes the door with a numerical code. The third one presupposes the use of special card readers and is mainly used for businesses and commercial buildings. At last, magnetic locks can be operated with the use of fingerprint scanners by means of which only chosen people can enter and leave the building. There are also more complicated systems that involve scanning different parts of the body for instance, the eye and other facial parts.