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Select The Brand Smart Door Locks Should Pay Attention

Release Timeļ¼šMar 06, 2018

  Intelligent door locks manufacturers have thousands, more than two thousand smart lock brand in so many brands in the market to find a safe, convenient, stable, cost-effective smart locks, like a needle in a haystack, industry professionals Have some difficulties, but for the average consumer, there are indeed no small difficulties

1, imitation goods trap

Professionals look at the content, the lay look at the appearance, look outside the line weight. This is a certain truth. Many consumers are the first to buy smart locks, of course, the understanding of intelligent locks is of course very little, not familiar with the relevant technology to see the appearance is reasonable.

If a brand does not attach importance to the appearance, then it must not be a good brand. If a business like to imitate other brands, the brand's brand awareness is a problem, of course, the quality will be discounted.

Some brands like to imitate foreign brands, so that although large costs can be saved, shorten the development time and risk. However, it is also very disrespectful to consumers. People have bought an imitation product at the price of a genuine brand, and do not realize it.

Imitation goods in addition to the original disrespect, the consumer is also very disrespectful. Imitation goods to consumers is the biggest brand trap.

2, automatically unlock the trap

The so-called automatic unlocking is the motor mounted on the panel or lock body, the switch is connected, the lock driven by the motor, the lock is opened, the handle can be handle. Relative to the clutch lock body, under the plate to unlock the handle, it will be more convenient. However, his side effects are not small, because the latch, the activities of the tongue must rely on the rotation of the motor so that he was all contracted and fixed to a certain position, such as the latch bolt and the latch card is tight, then the motor will be Appear to burn and let the lock broken, while the battery life will be shorter, changing the battery frequency will be higher. Automatic unlocking is not so convenient as the business is talking about, and power consumption, high failure rate is automatically locked can not avoid the problem.

3, APP's trap

In recent years, smart lock technology upgrade is very fast, thanks to the rapid popularization of smart phones, APP development. There are three elements in measuring the skill and experience of a smart lock: the level of machining, the level of overall safety management, and the real-time management of the app. Machining level consumers are easier to distinguish, and the integrated level of security and APP management capabilities are smart lock business strength greater difference. A good APP to solve the traditional fingerprint lock, password lock, brush face many of the problems can not be solved real-time management. Smart not intelligent, insecure, inconvenient inconvenient or depends on the level of production of APP.

5, the price trap

Smart locks are a product, high quality product, and low quality product that is important to technology and service. High quality service is disproportionate to the price of low quality or unserviceable products. The cost of quality from 90% to 99% is not 9%, but 90%; from 99% to 100% is not 1%, but 90%. Of course, the cost of brand service is the same reason. Blind pursuit of low-cost smart locks are sacrificed at the expense of product quality and service quality, blindly emphasize the high prices and the lack of high-quality products and services are pitfalls. Buy a smart lock to buy is the quality and service.

6, big brand trap

Intelligent lock brand can be divided into two types: small brands, big brands. Small brands have more than two thousand companies, mainly traditional lock, mechanical lock companies, start-ups, the smaller number of major brands, including white goods companies, Internet companies.

It's beyond reproach that a good consumer loves choosing big brands.

But there is a fact that we do not overlook is the big business products 100% of the products are small brands of traditional enterprises to OEM, his purpose is not smart lock market but his smart home system supporting the integration , Because of his smart home system without intelligent door lock can not be perfect. Under normal circumstances, the quality of a separate smart door locks big brand, service, experience less effective than some small brands. The quality of traditional than innovative brand will be solid.