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Smart Door Lock Convenience And Safety

Release Timeļ¼šMar 16, 2018

    Important Objects Smart Door Locks Smart homes have been deployed on the spot for all types of users in recent years. The most controversial is the safety and convenience. Security is a key function of smart locks, and practicality is undoubtedly an important extension of smart locks. Market security or C-side B-side is an important market, but if the point of sale is better than the convenience of selling security points, B-market is concerned about the security of the C-side market.

The emergence of smart locks

Due to the development of the electronic information industry and the influence of foreign intelligent door locks, the domestic smart door lock industry has gradually developed. Since the birth of the first private smart lock in China in 2001, the smart door industry has experienced two general development forms:

First, foreign applications laid the foundation for domestic development

In 1990, microelectronics and communications technology developed rapidly in the United States, Italy, Germany, South Korea, China, Taiwan and other countries and regions. Locking based on smart locks will begin to move toward the royal family.

At the beginning of this century, the original technology generally used electronic locks to obtain mature technologies in the United States and Europe, safer safes, safe places, high use prices, and high initial costs. The use and development of electronic lock intelligent access control systems gradually replaced traditional ones. Mechanical locks.

Second, the development of products from originality to diversification

    With the development of biometric and Bluetooth technologies, the development of intelligent door locks is accelerating. Based on the biometric blocking technology, they will also get the second peak in the field of fingerprint smart locks, and begin to demonstrate the uniqueness of fingerprint recognition biometrics, why Europe and the United States and the country and Japan and South Korea to promote fingerprint recognition fast, safe and convenient Fingerprint locks are the first choice for door locks in Europe and the United States. The maturity of the technology provides convenience for fingerprint locks.

    In recent years, one of the products developed by such biometric identification technologies as fingerprint lock codes, cards, networks, and other electronic information technologies has integrated internal blocks, and the intelligence has developed rapidly. The gap between fingerprint technology and foreign countries is getting smaller and smaller. , Smart door locks and smart homes and other emerging industries.

    Fingerprint identification module, a Bluetooth communication module: The main difference is briefly described here again in that it does not necessarily include a generic mechanical lock in the smart module. However, the latest smart door locks are still to prevent accidents. In order to prevent fires, instead of keeping the "surprise" to "backup key" by integrating the omitted main control panel of the smart lock, the mechanical lock cylinder is installed.