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Smart Door Lock Installation

Release Timeļ¼šFeb 24, 2018

  Now is the best high tech smart door lock with personalized logo, invariance, high banner keeping "high safety" high, unique suction eyesight, lock type. At present, many manufacturers have introduced a variety of biometrics, such as the most common fingerprints, iris, face, voiceprint, veins, but I can not imagine them.

Fingerprint authentication is another key market after the password lock category. It is divided into optoelectronic fingerprint sensor, fingerprint image reading fingerprint recognition system, the first two semiconductors through fingerprinting semiconductor mainly through capacitive sensing fingerprinting, you can fingerprint the optical head I will. Relatively speaking, the latter is fast, safe, reliable and accurate, and avoids the problems of nursing homes and children's fingerprints, which is hard to identify.

Iris and Face Recognition Lock are still in the research and development phase, and the new product testing market reflects, but it does not spread to the mass market. Success has aroused the public's attention, but not only the voice and the vein are locked, they are regarded as "Hyun technology" products, but very few people willing to try.

In addition to fingerprint authentication, other biometric locks approved on the market are also marginalized. There are three reasons: First, in addition to fingerprinting, other biometrics are not yet mature. For example, the iris recognition system includes two modules, hardware and software respectively, which are the two main parts of the image acquisition and recognition algorithm. Second, these devices are too expensive, not great promotion, such as carrying ID number iPhone X, but ordinary users can not afford, then the price really is what people call "helpless and helpless" you can feel To. "Third, the security of people's biometrics is still in the waiting phase.

Biometric identification technology used in intelligent door locks is very scientific and imaginative, hoping to see these "magic stones" landing.

Remote control lock:

Mobile APP, Bluetooth control, WIFI, access intercom

The ultimate remote lock through the main use of the Internet, wireless technology and Internet of Things technology, through the network, Bluetooth and other wireless signals to achieve door locks and mobile phones or remote control link special. The most common is used to access the phone's Bluetooth / APP, WIFI intercom system.

You can click on the lock, give up the traditional proximity card, the remote control lock is not new, some high-end hotel simply open the Bluetooth scan code directly to the mobile phone application program first unlock the mobile phone APP program to develop smart lock smarter, more convenient and efficient.

Abstract: Making safety a top priority

As an entry-level smart home products, smart rock penetration less than 3%, overseas, the United States and 50% in Europe, Japan and South Korea and other countries have a very large gap between the gap, 70% is very close. Maybe this means that this is a blue ocean market, but there is still a long way to go.

In the long run, smart door lock to the family is often inevitable. Currently, smart locks need to address two important issues, one is whether the price is close to the people, and the other is whether to overcome potential security risks. If there are loopholes that can take advantage of criminals, this may be a long-term battle for the smart industry for specific security issues.