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Smart Door Lock Installation Method

Release Timeļ¼šDec 04, 2017


Intelligent electronic door lock system is a mysterious universal product. It can shut down the products of friends, there is no low installation experience or realism of the product running, the current market penetration is increasing, mainly the mystery of non-traditional way of locking with ordinary nuclear smart lock or mechanical lock, all major TV Shows, can be seen in movies and shops.

Perhaps this is due to "conflict" and more and more people are interested in smart locks. Such a simple smart door lock installation process throughout the record.

The first step: demolition

WHAT IS REALLY, IT'S A GOOD IDEA compared to when you are on an existing anti-theft door lock, however, the electronic lock, do not remove the lock body, "the king of the lock body." A small lock, this point, multi-point lock and security does not confirm the proportion of master-site installation less, but the most important point is to achieve complete seunaepneun by locking in addition to the solid and reliable connection lock. This also creates a safety issue because the lock is small and the lock is reduced.

The second stage: initial installation, measurement

After removing the old lock, you need to lock the electronic lock body. "Test" into the security door. A new opening in the safety gate width of the door lock needs to be measured and displayed during installation, for example based on the thickness and position of the conventional door latch bolt data. That is, installation of electronic locks and other destructive installation.

The third step: open the hole and punch

After measuring the relevant information, the lock body must be removed, the use of angle grinder or disc grinder and other security steel cutting. You do not have to tell the site about the noise from installing Mars. I think this is a low profile modification, but I do not know or warn my neighbors. High-noise engineering implementation, before and after the anti-theft door to prepare.

Step 4: Install and calibrate the lock

After completing all of the above preparations, the actual installation process will be performed. You first need to lock the lock body. The lock body needs to be adjusted twice before it is completely fixed. The position and tongue fit the existing door frame and, most importantly, the door can not be tilted. I will not only affect many uses Read the installation screen on the website Although it does not affect the appearance, found the door, this is not normal.

Step 5: Install the front and back panels

Obviously, a simple panel installation is actually a "smart" core. Large bolts must be used between the lock body and the panel, and connecting cables are provided on the front panel and the rear panel for intelligent unlocking. In addition, a waterproof rubber pad should be installed. As can be seen from the figure below, smart lock structure is actually very complex, while the traditional mechanical lock instead of smart lock.

Step 6: Trial + password

After all, debugging is the administrator to change the fingerprint information input, to ensure the security of your home original password, you need smart door locks. All operations require passwords or fingerprints to determine administrative privileges. Establish administrator privileges, open the door, debugging, enter the password, unlock the entire process more than two hours. Time consuming engineering survey, open. Cutting the original keyhole takes a long time. Calibration of live patients, vernier caliper measurement data and the master is very good, all data errors are likely to cause unrecoverable damage. Electronic locks, for other reasons disassemble the smart locks because they have bought a friend again, remind you that the installation of the electronic locks damage the installation due to the movement of the smart lock can not be used to restore the original machine may lead to lock.