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Smart Door Lock Purchase

Release Timeļ¼šDec 18, 2017

Continue to promote the rapid development of science and technology, because of technological development, we have entered the era of wisdom, everyone's life or wisdom? Find a funny black new product and watch it.

Driven by the wisdom of the trend, I am thinking of a new way out. Based on network and Bluetooth smart locks, fingerprinting, and even fingerprinting based identification, the iris identification door lock is selected. These three solutions are based on intelligent lock, Bluetooth network more conservative, fingerprint, face, iris program more basic. In fact, all manufacturers have their own minds at the technical and practical level, with a strong sense of rationality.

If you want to catch up with the smart locks in the house around the mobile age, the smart lock for the past two years is very hot and how should you choose?

1, first look at the smart lock is what

Fingerprint authentication, sensor lock, password lock ... These are not smart locks. Say rudeness All operations are just to solve the problem, the application to lock the door, in a sense, you need to take the key to open the cloud-dependent phone, really called smart lock is all applications.

2, the color value is high, can not reverse the file

Since smart locks are sure to be installed at home, like the window frames and doors, you'll often see it. Just buy a bag and buy the same shoes, it does not see uncomfortable, you need to keep up with the overall wear and tear. Buy a door lock directly, buy a mechanical door lock, unlike the traditional door design, but the same, but now the situation is to buy a smart lock on the door lock, please in the game.

3, safety standards, anti-theft also prevent hacking

Because the thieves are good at picking up stones, the appearance of a smart lock is the main goal of preventing thieves. Now, the thief home ... ... very smart lock, please technically very powerful, such as anti-thief operation, but also must be safe ... ... The results of hackers can not easily decipher the use of military encryption and decryption standard Deng Tang.

4, not only the pursuit of intelligence, user-friendly features

To choose a smart lock, you first need to check some programs to see if there are any programs. Children accidentally locked the door outside. So you have to buy a smart lock that all family members should use.

5, to adapt to environmental interference signal

You are finally installed on Smart Lock, and the resulting person has received the signal, and has not yet determined its initial purchase or before the lock signal is stable.