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Smart Door Lock To Replace The Traditional Door

Release Timeļ¼šJan 04, 2018

  Compared with ordinary mechanical lock smart lock security and convenience, its distinguished identity, and the inevitable trend, as well as different mechanical buttons of the scientific and technological development of the iconic supplies. In many foreign countries, the penetration rate of smart locks with penetration rate of less than 3% in China has reached 85%.

Safety: This is the most common open message in life, so high safety or smart locks suggest replacing cylinders so that buildings such as the Minister of Public Security can also promote anxiety mechanical key theft techniques.

Convenience: Now fast paced life, with plenty of fragmented information at all times to enrich the brain, has been reluctant to give us so much time and energy to get my key forgotten little things like key ileogwa energy it consumes. Locks brought in a variety of state Jiong Li, people have too many cases to drop the window too heavy to mention the lessons, what are you waiting for, because replace the smart lock, solve all the problems more unnecessary small keys. Why not.

Do I have to switch doors to change smart locks?

You do not have to change the door again. Installation and Smart Lock Body Fixing, usually installed by several smart lock manufacturers before locking body back home and look at this mismatch lock, the door that the manufacturer will take to lock in an open path that each agency can solve . Of course, the universal smart lock that can be exchanged is to say do not change many manufacturers do not open the lock body, simple, fast, you can install on your own.

Smart lock is too expensive, is it worth?

Without the smart lock it has the ability to have a fingerprinting algorithm, a fingerprinting module, an electronic circuit planner for surface finishing technology, a clutch capacity, and an absolute advantage in appearance.

Each locked rear end to dozens or sets of stamped material will typically involve a zinc alloy, aluminum or high quality raw material composition of stainless steel. The Smart Lock built-in to each CPU module is independently used to identify that the algorithm requires a very high storage capacity, equivalent to the fingerprint storage of a small computer that aligns the Identification ID.

Fingerprint door, open the password is to spend the same lock to buy the lock 5, door, APP door card to open the door and other functions, thermal mechanical keys, safer smart door lock additional door, surveillance camera smart lock general, doorbell and other features The cost will be important, looking tidy and the R & D costs seen by the eyes, the most valuable, so smart locks must be worth it.

Fingerprint is usually used for smart lock it?

A man who uses fifty shots can also use it for fifty years to reach the life of a million fingerprints. Fingerprint desktop materials, especially the external nano-coating method, serious wear and tear.

This particular configuration is made, usually by children, capable of withstanding the wear and tear, and the artificial material is damaged beyond the thickness of a 15mm (non-mirror) glass prism by a certain resistance to damage.

Smart Lock Extension?

Lock-free and smart home with direct connection, such as connection and other equipment, fingerprint lock the light inside the house can be automatically switched as dark and open the switch button.