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Smart Door Unlock Method

Release Timeļ¼šJan 02, 2018

  Smart way by simply adding to smart door locks and unlocking the fingerprint, password, calling card and other unlocking or locking trigger safety locks and throwing the body an undeniable way based on mechanical locks.

  In addition, the smart key can help ensure that the overall safety alarm network does not help, with the exception that the owner can easily reach emergency assistance regardless of alarm message reception

Some key ways to unlock a smart key

Unlock Fingerprinting: Fingerprinting must be a biometric technology that recognizes less than 3 seconds.

Sampling on the market does not understand early biometrics, so fingerprints can be duplicated.

Password lock: It is recommended to use password lock to support anti-peeping mode.

Preventing theft is a lock that locks the door so the user can see the number entered, preventing a clever way for passers-by, and preventing the number of keys on the keyboard from leaving a fingerprinted passcode + password mode.

Cell Phones and Cards: Preventing Lost and Stolen Cell Phones and Cards, Passwords.

Phone and Key Cards, and Key Roles Use pairing, networking, or Bluetooth mode authentication docks. If you lose your phone or card, you can not unlock it. At the same time, the smart phone is one of the smartphones in your home, so save your phone. Black to avoid losing the phone, will not interfere.

Under normal circumstances, the battery life it uses 45 batteries, about 6 months after normal standby mode. In fact, it is very important that a brief smart key smart key, skillfully distracted. According to Ministry of Public Security and the use of electronic standards: battery capacity should be able to ensure the correct connection near 3000 hours of operation of the fingerprint grip security warning without warning display. Support 30 days and 100 days of daily use.

Which door can be installed as a smart key?

Smart lock devices are usually damaged, the best to steal

1, according to the anti-theft smart locks, lock the priority, according to the invincible corporate security standards, the door slightly different security standards of securities, companies must exchange.

2, the second wooden door, the world can not usually be linked.

3, glass doors usually need to buy a certain lock.

Multiple smart lock data

Door locks are usually destructive, damaging, and hard to repair. Therefore, we must notify the business before we select multiple data.

1, open the door direction:

The door is pulled out or rejected to lift the standard door handle to the left or right. This situation needs to determine the lock unlock direction. There are four possibilities.

2, the body lock, smart door lock width and thickness:

Original lock size (different size manufacturers)

3, if the key is too large, you need to pay separately.

4, to determine whether there is a key world:

Finally, the products purchased from official channel manufacturers after installation and installation will be responsible for installation and after-sales service.

This is also very important. The electronic system deals only with replaceable keys and smart keys and must be solved by an expert. Therefore, a complete after-sales service is required, or a year or two, but the company and the manufacturer do not maintain it.