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Smart Life, Opened By The Smart Door Lock

Release Timeļ¼šJan 22, 2018

  The popularity of smart locks should first rely on efforts to improve the security level of the product, so with the growth of the economy to improve the level of household assets, undoubtedly home safety upgrades from the competition in the industry, the most common household consumption Upgrading Priority is required Keeping the status quo, we can easily find this point. The Samsung Smart Door Lock DP728 is a natural leader in today's market-leading products. In default unlock mode, the Samsung DP728 smart door lock allows you to securely open up to five Bluetooth, fingerprints, passwords, and magnetic cards. You can also use fingerprint and password dual authentication mode. In addition, the Samsung smart door locks can not provide a secure upgrade mode by providing automatic upgrades, indoor anti-lock, anti-theft mode, fire detection and other traditional mechanical locks. The widespread adoption of Samsung smart locks in home security is a home security upgrade.

In addition to security, there are important factors that affect the popularity of smart lock devices. As property increases, the demand for home security becomes increasingly stringent, but the new tier is not as user-friendly as it is, and it is very difficult for users to make real decisions to intelligently upgrade their home security. In the design of the Samsung smart lock, we can find some of the key elements that drive the brand to win the market. Using integrated security and simplified "push-pull", the Samsung Smart Locker closes the door when the user starts the welcome function, automatically turns it on, and blocks all external functions from the nuisance indoor at home. Users can enter the mode of peace of mind in mind. The Samsung Smart Door Lock DP728 supports 100 fingerprints and 20 magnetic cards, but it can be used to unlock the main Bluetooth via the mobile phone APP through smart phone registration. At the same time, the phone's Internet connection, as well as access control and "home reminder" and so to achieve practical and excellent features. Only Samsung smart locks that support these empirical features can be said to stand out from the competition.

Finally, the popularity of smart door technology accumulation and service support impact. Separating from the point of view of the door lock, the basic function is implemented smart lock is not difficult, but the overall layout of the smart home run smart locks at home is a very important role in life as an intelligent entrance to the house of meaning, The possibility of taste is very low. This is an important factor that will affect the depth of the user support the purchase intention of technical support and subsequent upgrade features. Electronic and Intelligent Technology Samsung is not only an important field in providing consumer electronics technology products, it is also a leader in advanced information that can be applied to Samsung Smart Door Lock high-definition Blu-ray fingerprint recognition infrared detection visitor identification, fire recognition and other advanced features Filled. These technical support and upgrades were important as well as promoting Samsung's smart door locks in global market share.

No doubt, in terms of consumer demand for intelligent home security, consumer upgrades are mature, but the popularity of smart locks, large-scale development needs to explore and continue the industry-wide efforts. Industry and brand can only really improve security levels and improve the user experience, ultimately improve technical support to achieve universal smart lock, which can really promote the user's approval type product competitiveness and enhance.