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Smart Lock Considerations

Release Timeļ¼šDec 01, 2017


Today, the use of fingerprint lock more and more, from the initial as a high-end home locks by some rich people to use, with the progress of science and technology and the popularity of the fingerprint lock market fierce competition, and now Fingerprint Lock has been gradually ordinary Used by families. Fingerprint lock as a smart lock, with the traditional mechanical lock has many different, it is a high-tech products, biometrics application model. However, fingerprint lock is a kind of consumer goods, an electronic consumer goods, so it is also the use of norms, otherwise, it will be prone to a variety of problems, and even cause fingerprint lock damage. Therefore, in the process of using the fingerprint lock, we must pay attention to some of the major issues:

1. Avoid unmanaged disassembly

Fingerprint lock is a high-tech electronic products, the structure is more complicated inside, if you do not know the structure of the inside, it is best not to disassemble. If you really helpless, you can take a look at the user manual, or you can consult the factory, we have a dedicated sales staff to help you solve.

2. Reduce direct contact with water

Any kind of electronic products, there is this taboo, for example, cell phones, water generally scrapped, if the phone is not waterproof. Then the fingerprint lock is no exception, there will be electronic products inside the electronic components or what the circuit board, the original is to be waterproof.

3. Battery selection

Customers buy a fingerprint lock, the general factory will be equipped with a battery, the battery under normal circumstances, the general can use a year. After the battery life runs out, you need to replace the battery, replace the battery should pay attention to the model of the battery to be unified, the best of all a brand, and pay attention to the battery properly connected. Built-in battery runs out, can not open the lock case, you can use an external power supply, the general fingerprint lock will be equipped with an external power connector to prepare for emergency use.

4. Instructions for use

Users before using the fingerprint lock, it is best to know in detail the fingerprint lock manual, including the installation of the fingerprint lock, fingerprint lock installation and some commonly used function settings, etc., so that a better understanding of the fingerprint lock.