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Smart Lock Purchase Note

Release Timeļ¼šDec 06, 2017

    Smart lock purchase note:

1, the environmental conditions and the use of humidity, dry structure requirements, the thickness of the door advantages, the use of environmental conditions, such as left or right hand door to consider or outside, you can avoid buying the wrong product.

2, the significance of this place and the choice of the use of foreign exchange Smart locks suitable for use in the street doors, hall doors, rooms, bathrooms or access to the use of predetermined functions.

3, taking into account the adjustment and decoration environment, according to their own taste, should consider the adjustment of the purchase of lock products and bedroom support should be the same.

4, consider the status of family members, choose to promote the use of locksmith products, whether you have an elderly family, children or the disabled.

5, taking into account the credibility of dealers and service standards, some lock dealers can not enjoy the benefits to consumers recommended counterfeit goods.

6, economic conditions and bonds, taking into account the economy, high-end products, is considered less than ideal low-end purchase, but the strength of high-end or low-end products to pay attention to whether the choice of economic wealth of the company whether it is rigid or stable It is a good idea to choose well-known products to avoid economic loss, create unnecessary problems and cause pain in everyday life.

Home smart lock maintenance precautions:

For example, an acidic substance, such as an acidic substance, is locked against the first retention to prevent damage to the outer shape of the lock body from the locking effect, which locks the non-contact surface to the corrosive material.

If the fingerprint-based smart lock fingerprinting takes too long, the lock (2), which has become part of the surface dust, may have to be regularly removed with a soft cloth of dust that affects the sensitivity of the fingerprint.

Use the traditional AA batteries, battery life and emergency battery-powered, of course, in this case, the battery has found shortages (3), household batteries and smart locks, prepare to replace the battery and use the backup has some limitations Change the external power supply , Replace the battery to ensure that the battery is installed correctly.

Yes, in everyday use, the doors are the most direct, so as not to spoil the balance of the handle used, so do not hang one of the heavy handles on the top of the handle and use the lock's flexibility.

5 can be added to more oil-lubricated cylinders while the core component is that the number of cylinders that occurs in the long-term use of all cylinder smart locks is rigid, preferably with the hand turning handle and the door being flexible until The handle does not have much fuel injection.