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Smart Locks Have Gradually Gained Popularity

Release Timeļ¼šJan 12, 2018

  Smart home concepts are becoming more and more popular, and smart locks are becoming the target of consumer attacks. Many Internet companies, real estate companies also focus on smart lock in this market. The industry believes that the standard improvement will further promote China's smart rock market. Industry prospects are excellent, but vendors still need to consider smart home products in the homes of ordinary people as two key factors that need security and convenience.

  Although the development of new products in full swing, this smart lock, there is such a mess, the old design, such as vanity non-version version of the problem, the price, manufacturers and consumers after the pursuit, but the smart door lock market is not standardized. As a smart anti-theft lock, such as a simple biometric fingerprint lock, iris recognition, face recognition, etc., consumers will think of more new smart lock things, more and more intelligent lock more and more safety factors, people Focus on "smart" There is a tendency to ignore the safety of household products. Even manufacturers do not pay attention.

  In an era of big data, personal identity and spending habits, shops have been able to integrate the diversity of data usage, giving people the opportunity to bring in high-tech criminals and dig deeper into the digital life to underestimate the security risks.

There are currently smart home security risks. The root cause of market turmoil is that industry standards have not been unified yet. The refinement and refinement of the standard is bound to be a vibrant smart home market, and the standardization of the smart home market will be beneficial to the entire industry and consumers.

  Smart locks that are part of a nascent Internet product should not be independent of smart homes, but should complement smart home development. At present, China's smart home is still in the initial stage of model development, platform construction and user accumulation. It is the most valuable issue for manufacturers to grasp the "pain points" of smart home products.

  For consumers, confidence in the choice of smart home products brand is negatively affected consumer appliances you choose is fake, not only easily led to cracking down on consumer confidence, the entire enterprise's important image and the entire industry.