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Smart Locks Lead The Fashion Trend

Release Time:Dec 13, 2017

  Technology is changing the world we live in. Today's intelligence is widely used in the home environment. As the overall solution doorbell experts, smart locks will lead the fashion industry leading home.

Due to obsessive-compulsive disorder, whether locked next door, afraid to go home to see; did not go after I found, and then closed the door key to go home when the backpack found the keys to the house takes longer embarrassing, their bad key, outdoor fitness , So far felt an inexplicable pressure is the need to replace cylinder problems domestic workers, innovative process decoration is the key or unreliable concern ...

With the emergence of smart locks developed by Hohmann, this concern has disappeared.

Our R & D team has developed Hohmann smart locks and has been researching similar products for many years. Holman-shaped lock with the German minimalist design style, great wisdom of the message, not a small number of small electrical locks shortage in Hunan, it can be found on the side of the safe Hohmann smart electronic locks:

① support for smart electric lock, fingerprint lock, the system can meet the home office space channel, password, the need for the replacement of the password lock completely bear and update the visit has been very easy to lock the key operation of various locks, cylinder attention to remove the replacement;

② double authentication and protection, choose a different way to match the unlock;

Fingerprint recognition rate <0.001%, eliminating the fear of fingerprint replication; ③ Locking fingerprint advanced fingerprint detection Fingerprint 360 can be automatically calibrated, it may be in any point of the fingerprint recognition unit;

④ password unit to open the door to support multiple sets of passwords, with a virtual password function, and then lift the public attention to the password exposure;

Low battery gyeongboeun In addition, the longer battery life of up to 50 years, the door came out (with the calculated frequency of 10 days) lock ⑤ Li by the smart battery lock battery life, environmental protection, a steady stream of power, while years of support Using a body-side USB port for charging, this will prevent a dilemma that was deprived of the charge time due to failure;

⑥, market 180 HBW (only up to Brinell hardness 130HBW) Zinc alloy die-casting Electric locking and alarm with more use Brinell hardness of stainless steel body Cast one-piece electric lock Material heat-locked in an unusual way than when casting body Automatic alarm continues . Lock as far as possible to eliminate the risk of violence;

⑦ Control of the rear I lock system (installed outdoors) compared to the control I market (installed in the chamber control system) is designed to remove the circuit by effectively releasing the risk of rupture.