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Strengthen Physical Security Protection For Electronic Locking System

Release Time´╝ÜMay 12, 2016

The data center is the heart of all major information technology and telecommunications companies, is also a city in the development of innovation in the use of facilities. For data centers, and is stored in the cabinets of server and storage of data is the most valuable asset, and electronic locks to protect these servers can be used to protect stored confidential data. Electronic lock with integrated access control device, such as a card reader or Bluetooth controller, can be easily installed in existing cabinets and integrated into the overall security infrastructure in the data center, ensuring that only authorized persons can access the protected server hardware, you can also record the number of visitors in and out of. Some data center also has a number of different Cabinet, for a number of enterprise management server. Through the integration of electronic locks access control equipment, so that managers can control access to individual Cabinet, ensure that employees of every enterprise user only have access to your own server.