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Supply Of Electric Spring Lock

Release Time:Aug 18, 2017

An electric lock comprising: a latching device mounted on the door panel having a latch; a base having a side panel parallel to the inner side surface; and an electric lock mounted on the door panel having an inner and outer side surfaces; And a main chamber between the side plate and the inner side surface, the side plate is provided with a control rod piercing; a manual control device having a lever which is arranged on the perforation, the lever includes a rotation control part and a lever An electronic control device having a motor and two photoelectric switches; and a power connection device and at least one clutch limit device, the power connection device being connected to the motor by means of a motor The clutch stopper device is provided with a resiliently loaded positioning bead and two positioning pins for positioning The flange is positioned in one of the recesses. The electric lock in the manual operation more effort.
Electric lock machine for the desktop three knives cyclone capping machine, stainless steel appearance, safe and convenient operation, the work was not covered, the cloth was 120 ° three cyclone knife rotary cover sealing, knife handle designed for the spring structure , The distance between the Mito can be fine-tuned, adaptability, high yield, the machine is the army, hospitals, laboratories, small pharmaceutical factory ideal choice.
Electric lock machine details:
First, the different specifications of the bottle when the adjustment of the upper arm of the machine can be used to roll 5-500ml bottle cover, when using any of the specifications of the bottle, as long as the specifications of the bottle on the tray, Loosen the nut on the left side of the arm and let the arm fall or rise until the cap and cap are about 20 mm. Then tighten the nut and tighten the bracket with the random hexagon wrench Lock the care ring. The same time as
Second, the adjustment of V-shaped blocks will be placed in the bottle under the V-type support, the two screws on the block loose, the bottle and the next V-block together to move until the lid and the cap position is aligned , Tighten the two screws on the V-block. The same time as
Third, the specific method of operation
1, the irrigation of liquid and put the lid of the bottle on the next tray, leaning on the V-shaped block, one hand hold the bottle, the other hand down the handle down, then the tray holding the bottle up Until the cap and the cap are pressed. The same time as
2, when the cap and caulking head pressed, kept rotating three capping head rotation after a few laps, the cap rolling. (Note) The motor must run clockwise. The same time as
3, the handle forward, so that the cover of the lid with the tray back to the original position, the entire operation process is completed, after each rolling a cap to repeat the above operation can be. The same time as
Fourth, the electric lock orally adjust the machine is equipped with a number of rolling head, according to the size of the different bottle caps to choose on the rolling head. Before the official use of bottles can be used to try. The same time as
1, the lid is not tight rolling, you can unscrew the cap head lock the nut counterclockwise out of the rolling head, and then lock the fixed nut. The same time as
2, the lid is too tight rolling, a spin-off bottle cap phenomenon. Loosen the upper cap nuts in the clockwise direction into the upper lid and tighten the upper nut. The same time as
3, under the cap is not tight, according to the actual situation of the appropriate adjustment of the three rolling head eccentricity. Such as the collection is too tight, there are crushed bottles of the phenomenon, may be appropriate to adjust the three rolling head eccentricity. The same time as
4, with automatic stop function.