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Switching Power Supply Analysis

Release Timeļ¼šAug 01, 2017

  A power supply is a device that converts other forms of energy into electrical energy, called a power supply or a power adapter. DC plug structure: single head parallel multi-line.

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Power Category:

1, linear power supply

1.1, linear power supply: linear power supply can be divided into linear transformer power supply and switch linear power two categories,

2, AC power supply

AC power: generally refers to the size and direction of time with the voltage or current cyclical changes,

3, inverter power supply

Generally refers to the low-voltage direct current into high-voltage or low-voltage AC devices, the general inverter with a battery power, the computer city to buy UPS power supply is one of the inverter, but with the battery power failure, the computer can only work a few minutes Or ten minutes, mainly a sudden power failure, continue to power the computer, we have time to save unsaved data.

1: Power supply housing and weight:

Power shell material is excellent, but also an important indicator of power performance is good or bad. Taking into account the shell on the electromagnetic shielding and power consumption, the current ATX power shell with more galvanized steel, some products using aluminum products to improve heat dissipation. Now there are some so-called "gold version" products on the market, gold-plated or nickel-plated, not only beautiful but also play the role of rust. But some low-quality power, naturally do not use high-grade materials, usually the thickness of the shell or simply use galvanized iron, this power shell of the poor strength, slightly hard will become larger, let alone radiation and heat. Through the weight can also be observed power specifications, in general: a good power supply shell material and the weight of the internal components will be heavier than the inferior power supply. So when you buy, if you feel the light weight is very light, we should pay attention. Tip: buy power, remember to personally try to see its weight is not too light. 2: fan, cooling fan is the consumer can be directly observed through the power supply shell. Fans in the process of the power of the computer cooling plays a very important role. Dispersed powder is only distributed to the air, if the hot air can not be dispersed in time, the cooling effect will be greatly reduced. Now more and more strength to start using the large amount of wind 12cm fan design, the exhaust power than the ordinary power of 8cm fan to be about 30% higher, and only half the speed of 8cm fan, you can achieve full speed to produce cooling effect, effective Reduce the noise generated. In some high-end power supply also uses a dual fan design, use the entrance to install an 8cm fan, to speed up the hot air inside the chassis. Because its location just above the CPU, can effectively reduce the internal temperature of the chassis. In addition to the power supply shell above or there is a cooling hole, the power supply in the course of work, the temperature will continue to rise, in addition to the heat through the power supply fan, the cooling hole is also an important means to increase air convection. In principle, the area of the heat dissipation hole should be better, but pay attention to the location of the cooling hole so that the air inside the power supply can form a good convection function in order to discharge the heat inside the power supply in time.