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Teach You How To Choose A High Quality Access Control Keyboard

Release Timeļ¼šAug 21, 2017

  So how to choose high-quality access control controller? We share the following experiences with many years of practice to share with you:

Our principle is "stable and reliable performance, functional and practical, price advantage, sustainable service capacity."

First, anti-crash design

The access controller crashes like a car engine. Regardless of the controller design and then powerful, if the crash, the controller can not work, any function can not be reflected. If there is a crash in the application, it means that the control of the area can not be normal access, and may even cause serious security risks and immeasurable losses.

Second, the relay capacity

The output of the access controller is controlled by the relay. When the controller is in operation, the relay must be opened and closed frequently, and each time the opening and closing has an instantaneous current through. If the relay capacity is too small, the instantaneous current may exceed the capacity of the relay and will soon damage the relay. The general situation relay capacity should be greater than the electric lock peak current 3 times more.

Third, the protection of the controller

The operating voltage of the accessory controller is typically 12 volts, and if the voltage exceeds 12 volts, the component can be damaged and the controller can not work. This requires all the controller input and output are dynamic voltage protection, so as to avoid possible external large voltage load to the controller and damage the components.

Fourth, the front-end input device adaptive function

Because different users, different applications on the access control system input device requirements are different. This requires the access controller to be compatible with a variety of front-end input devices (such as: support Wiegand26Bit, Wiegand32Bit, Wiegand27Bit, ABA (second track), identification technology, fingerprint recognition technology, sensor IC card, password keyboard, watermark ). And can automatically detect the input front.

Fifth, the reliability of management software

A high-quality access control system requires not only high-quality controllers, but also high reliability and fault-tolerant management software support.

Sixth, after-sales service should include two aspects

First, a complete technical support system, including the ability to provide pre-sales support and after-sales technical support; Second, a strong follow-up research and development capabilities to ensure that the product has continuity and advanced.

Seven, quality certification

Access control and system products sold in China must pass the Chinese Ministry of Public Security and police electronic products testing center "type test" (not commissioned inspection), the software should be detected by the China Software Testing Center.

Eight, the price

IT industry experience tells us a truth: a strong business must have the ability to provide high-quality products for the community to meet the needs of customers, while ensuring that the project can get a reasonable profit margins.