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The Development Of Electric Door Locks

Release Time´╝ÜOct 30, 2017

  Although many users feel that the smart lock "very high", but can not believe that smart locks can be as stable as mechanical locks, worry about which day smart lock out of trouble, and can not return home how to do?

In fact, today's smart lock, whether in quality, stability, or in terms of security, have been no less than mechanical locks, and even all aspects of performance than mechanical locks even better.

A lot of photoelectric sensor fingerprint lock in order to protect the sensor glass panel, but also for the appearance of beauty, the use of the protection cover design, so that users use the fingerprint when unlocked a more open manual protective cover operation.

Why are the door locks business so hype these less practical features? Although there are enterprises to apply public model, reduce the cost of research and development factors, but the more fundamental reason is that the industry's new entrants to the door to understand the nature of the door is not deep enough to analyze the use of consumer behavior is not enough. Here we come together to explore the "lock the essence of".

Personal humble opinion, the essence of the lock is based on the owner of the will of the different staff access control facilities. The purpose of installing the door lock is to let the owner of the owner of the authorized personnel out of no sense, that is, out of physical strength, time costs approaching infinity, so that unauthorized personnel access time, physical costs infinite. Simply put, his family casually how to open can not open, do not know how people do not open.

First of all we look at several manufacturers in the promotion of the existing fingerprint door lock to the ideal smart door lock direction optimization of some attempts and efforts:

By combining the sensor with the door handle, the cloud's deer striker touch fingerprint lock to achieve a natural smooth grip and press the fingerprint head of the operation of the combo, the other door locks need to capture and turn the door handle these two operations combined In together, at one go. Compared to other manufacturers less operational steps, the result is greatly shortened the access time to enter the staff. The entire unlock process time measured up to 0.4 seconds to complete the unlock, the average operation is also within 1 second.

The combination of intelligent smart cat's eye and door lock products, so that only passive defense of the door lock products, with the initiative to prevent potential harm behavior. The practice of migration is through the cat's eye to inquire about the strange staff, while the bell at the same time take pictures of the card, the staff moved close to trigger the automatic shooting records and other functions to a certain extent, can deter lawless elements, by increasing the cost of crime, to reduce the lawless elements The probability of entry after the door lock is broken.