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The Height Of The Door Handle

Release Timeļ¼šAug 16, 2017

  The door handle is an indispensable part of the door, the door handle height is the most important place on the whole design of the door, many people do not understand the height of the door handle installation. Do not know how to install the general door handle the most appropriate, the other door handle installation height is not appropriate for the late use of the operation has also brought inconvenience, the following Xiaobian to tell you in detail. Door handle installation height is generally between 80-110cm, here refers to the door. Door handle from the ground height is generally 110cm, some anti-theft door handle height may be 113cm, of course, different brands of anti-theft door height is different. The general family of the door handle height is about 1100mm, but this is only a general height, each family members of the family members of different height, open the door are more different, so the door handle should be set specifically how much or should specifically consider of. First of all, we should also consider what you are in the position to open the door the most comfortable, is the forearm level or another position, if the forearm level, the door handle height should be elbow height. Second, we should look at the height of family members, if the family members of the general high, then the height of the door handle should naturally be higher than 1100mm, this will make everyone in the use of door handles when very convenient. We should take into account the family there is no child, he was at home when a person can not be the door handle, it is not very convenient to use, this is a very important issue, if the height of the door handle set too high, Children can not reach, to move a chair to step up to be able to, this is a very safe thing. So we set the door handle height should be carefully considered, rather than casually to install up, so for our future life will bring a lot of inconvenience.