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The Importance Of Access Control

Release Time´╝ÜOct 24, 2017

  To meet market demand, suppliers optimize their product solutions, optimize their products to meet the specific needs of the video access market, including access control power supply or video systems, access control system suppliers in the market competition, whether it can be more competitive The
There is no doubt that if you can take full advantage of the access control power, the contractor can directly verify that the implementation of this project is to protect the video access control system, stable operation of the power supply choice for some time, the project itself may be reflected in the quality of the project to control its ability.
1. The actual output power of the access power supply
Access control power related to the video access control system to ensure that the equipment is running properly and reliable. The power supply must provide sufficient power for the equipment supply. Pay special attention to the best test site power, the actual price of the nominal price of the purchasing power, because some of the impact of serious video market low-cost access control power is usually lower than the actual application of the nominal value of the access control system to normal operation. Recommended to choose the right quality, reliable quality, good reputation, technical parameters for video access control system power supply manufacturers choose power. At present, some video access control manufacturers, power supply, is taking into account the general project for these manufacturers for access control options, such as the actual application of the controller, the overall quality of the video system is also a power supply.
Use the nominal value to compare the output power of the multimeter's power supply and measure the actual output voltage and current (eg cement illustration), and the power supply (such as the cement resistor) will be used for more than 48 hours of work load. After the load is loaded, check that the output voltage is stable or that the heat is normal.
2. Effective lightning protection
Because of the particularity of the video access control alarm system project, the installation environment is poor (farmer housing, rental housing, old village, village), outdoor combination line, lightning and power line communication trigger is inevitable, easy to generate outdoors, lightning power you must There is a very strong protection.
Does the product have lightning protection:
Know the manufacturer of the lightning protection technology, whether you have accumulated the skills to demonstrate the reliability of the product. Related products, lightning protection reports.
Access control power temperature to adapt to a wide range
Currently installed video access control, the most famous is the southern part of Shenzhen, the most well known northern Urumqi. If the high and low temperature products appear wide adaptability, the stability of the system is not protected. There is no way to protect the power supply, so you should choose the product according to your installation environment.
Standby battery intelligent charge and discharge management
Due to battery leasing or special circumstances, power interruption occurs in the middle and video access control access control, especially direct connection to ordinary people's normal life, at any time need to run normally, usually can be backed up in battery life around the video access specification is right Power of the specific requirements, with the general requirements to maintain the normal operation of the system 4 to 6 hours or more, charge and discharge management.
Access to the power supply charge and discharge management function due to over-discharge caused by overcharging is mainly unstable to prevent overcharge and battery damage, charging current is too high, other equipment, current is insufficient.