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The Importance Of Smart Lock Body Material

Release Timeļ¼šFeb 26, 2018

  For any one product, in addition to the value of its function, appearance, performance, the material is also an important part. For the smart lock, which material is used not only affects the price, but also the safety of the lock is very important. Although there is no 100% unbreakable material, compared with the plastic shell, the safety of the metal material is bound to be higher.

In the smart lock, different locations will use different materials, so each lock will be composed of many materials, which need to focus on the lock body and the outer panel material.

Lock body material

Smart lock body refers to the lock embedded in the door, with the tongue that part of the security lock is also the core part, so the material must be durable.

At present, most of the material of the smart lock body is made of copper + stainless steel, and the stainless steel is used in other parts of the lock bolt, the transmission structure, the copper shell, etc., which is the most cost-effective match.

Smart lock body

Copper has a strong wear resistance, and high strength, hardness, corrosion resistance, and copper plasticity, you can make a very fine structure of the cylinder, enhance the safety cylinder, but the more expensive copper, therefore The entire lock body with copper, the cost will be very high, resulting in the entire smart lock the price of high.

The hardness of stainless steel though higher than copper, but its poor plasticity, processing difficult, it is difficult to make a fine cylinder structure, it is usually only used for the external structure of the lock body, which can reduce the entire lock body cost.

Outer panel material

Compared to the lock body material, smart lock outer panel material to be more optional, it is also more subject to everyone's attention, the panel material for the discussion will be more. Like the lock body, the outer panel is also made up of many parts. The materials used in each part are also different, including stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, glass and plastic.

1, stainless steel: high hardness, durable, difficult to shape, the price is medium

Stainless steel is usually referred to as 304 stainless steel, this material high hardness, to a certain extent, to prevent the smart lock is violent damage. But it is precisely because of this feature, so that the difficulty of processing stainless steel too much, the general small factory can not be complicated and attractive styling, so the appearance of stainless steel locks are generally simple style.

Price, stainless steel in all common smart lock material is medium, high-priced smart lock to use more.

2, aluminum alloy: easy to shape, light weight, low hardness, the price is uncertain

Aluminum is characterized by easy molding, easy processing, weight is relatively light, although the hardness is not particularly high but not low, and affordable, in fact, do the door lock is a good choice. However, the status of aluminum alloy in the hearts of consumers seems to be relatively low, that the aluminum alloy door lock is very low, so smart locks do not use aluminum alloy businesses.

3, copper: high hardness, easy molding, complex process, the cost is slightly higher

Copper is generally brass, red copper and white three, higher prices of white copper, copper texture is not soft, are not suitable for smart lock to create, so smart lock if copper as the material, usually refers to the yellow copper. Brass hardness, durability, surface treatment is easy, as a smart lock panel is a more appropriate material, but the process is a bit complicated, so not all manufacturers have the ability to process.

The price of copper is slightly higher, but it is also acceptable. Currently, there are not many smart locks made of copper on the market.

4, zinc alloy: many advantages, the current mainstream material

Zinc alloy is currently used in the most intelligent type of material lock, with easy processing, easy molding characteristics, while the hardness and strength are also in line with public demand for locks, the current smart lock material on the market most of the use of zinc alloy, technology Already quite mature, its status will not be replaced by other materials in a short time.