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The Role Of Entrance Guard Controller Keyboard

Release Timeļ¼šSep 11, 2017

  In the modern intelligent building construction, the electronic access control system not only play a role in enhancing the degree of intelligent building, to enhance the role of building image grade, but also intelligent building building security system is an important part. As the access control controller keyboard system has played a controlling role in the building building entrance, he has become an important barrier to building security.

Second, the intelligent building access control system functional requirements

Modern intelligent building construction, because of its role in the construction of different functions, the protection of the security system requirements vary. Therefore, the functional requirements of the access control system, but also because of different levels of protection and not the same.

At the same time, due to the different building structure of different intelligent buildings, the composition of the access control system, equipment selection requirements are not the same.

2.1 Access control system function needs analysis

1, the control of the door area

Access control controller keyboard system's primary task is to complete the control of the door area, to achieve the authority of the staff, at the prescribed time, you can enter the provisions of the door area. At the same time, in order to ensure the safety of the door area, but also in particular require the door to open more than a certain time, there must be alarm tips to avoid forgetting to close the door to bring security risks.

In the way to open the door, but also requires a card to open the door, the card to open the door and password to open the door and several other ways.

In addition, in a particular intelligent building, the need to achieve the nearest two doors to achieve interlocking function, that is, when a door is opened, another door must not be opened. In prisons, detention centers and other places, but also requires a "anti-trespassing password alarm" function to ensure that the police on duty was hijacked, etc., can not only ensure personal safety, and clever alarm.

2, online patrol

In the intelligent building, security patrol is indispensable. The traditional off-line patrol record can not be real-time incoming system, the degree of intelligence is not high, access control system card reader can be used directly as patrol points, to achieve patrol record online real-time upload.

To access the system in the card reader as a patrol point to ID card as a patrol carrier, to achieve real-time upload patrol records. On-line patrol system on the one hand to enhance the patrol management system of intelligent degree, on the other hand, for the key protection sites, but also enhance the level of security protection system.

3, and monitoring linkage

Access control keyboard is the intelligent building in the security of the basic system, as a security barrier access control system, to achieve and monitor the image of the linkage, more able to complement the function of the two subsystems, plug the security vulnerabilities.

Access control and monitoring of the linkage, including access control credit card linkage capture, access control card linked video, access control card linked to the pop-up video images.

4, the system easy to maintain

Access control keyboard system in the easy maintenance of the special design, access control controller configuration set the keyboard and LCD Han was. Keyboard for system debugging, and a variety of offline settings. LCD display is used to display the status of the access control system, including the controller address, the current time and date. The system also set a variety of fault self-diagnosis function, the current controller and the host computer's communication status, the current status of the card reader and so on real-time display in the access controller LCD display, easy to maintain the system.