The Use Of Electric Locks Precautions

- Jul 17, 2017 -

The use of electrical locks precautions As with the intelligent building access control and intercom matching electric lock products, in the course of the use must be closely with the access control and intercom system performance, needs, features to use, the general must pay attention to the following:

1. Wiring a lot of electrical locks In addition to the power interface lines, there are many other connections, which should be particularly concerned about the lock status line and the door status line, lock state connection can provide lock closure information, and access control system digital input Interface linkage, you can view the closed state of the lock in real time. Door state connection is a good alternative to the installation of Menci problem, reducing installation costs, improve system efficiency, and better to ensure the beauty of architectural decoration. The same time as the above-

2. Open and close the delay set a lot of electric locks above a special delay set jumper or DIP device, you can set the delay time of the electric lock, but most access control and intercom system also has a delay setting function, so The delay setting must be considered when installing the electric lock. The same time as the above-

3. Electric lock power supply a lot of types of electric locks, the current voltage will have some differences, and each access control controller management of the number of electric locks will be more, many low-end access control products will be directly to the electric lock power supply, the author Think that this approach is not worth recommending, the first access controller power supply configuration is often based on the controller itself, the load configuration, if the drive electric lock, the controller may lead to instability or even damage; second electric lock and access control The distance between the also have the uncertainty, long-distance power supply may also lead to electrical lock work is not normal; Third, the use of electric locks in the process of frequent opening and closing, may lead to instability of the current and voltage, if directly by the controller Power supply, this current and voltage fluctuations may lead to damage to the controller, regardless of the value of equipment or security requirements, this loss is unforgivable. It is recommended that regardless of the size of the system, the electric lock power supply must be configured separately, and regardless of the access control and intercom system control how, for the electric lock opening and closing control recommended relay isolation, the maximum degree of electric lock current and control the host current completely Isolated.

4. Additional equipment Electric lock is best used in conjunction with additional equipment, especially the door. Especially in the access control system, the electric lock can only control the door on and off, if the electric lock does not feedback the signal line, then the management software is unable to observe the door on and off the state, so the electric lock is not receiving feedback Signal line, the best and Menci