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The Wide Application Of Smart Lock

Release Timeļ¼šSep 01, 2017

  Smart lock is different from the traditional mechanical locks, in the user identification, security, management, more intelligent lock. The accessory of the door in the access control system. In the field of security technology to prevent, with anti-theft alarm function of the electronic code lock instead of the traditional mechanical lock, to overcome the mechanical password lock less password, the poor safety of the shortcomings of the password lock, whether technically or in performance Greatly improved one step. With the development of large-scale integrated circuit technology, especially the advent of single-chip, there have been with the microprocessor smart password lock, in addition to its electronic password lock function, but also the introduction of intelligent management, expert analysis system and other functions, So that the password lock has a high security, reliability, application is increasingly widespread.

Intelligent password lock software using 51 series of single-chip assembly language on the intelligent monitor and electronic locks were programmed. The intelligent monitor software includes modules such as keyboard scanning and LCD display, buzzer driver, clock modification and reading program, data communication and preprocessing program, intelligent analysis program and line monitoring program. Electronic lock software includes keyboard scanning and decoding procedures, LCD display program, communication procedures, electromagnetic actuator drive and testing procedures, sensor interface program modules. Software design process using modular design method, easy to read, debug and improve the program. Intelligent password lock makes full use of the 51 system microcontroller software and hardware resources, the introduction of intelligent analysis, improve the system reliability and security. Through the use of a model safe to install, by the user's welcome. In addition, the smart password lock in the software and hardware changes, can constitute an intelligent distributed monitoring network, to achieve a range of centralized monitoring and management, in the financial, insurance, military power and other areas of security has a wide range of security Application prospects.

Smart lock of the three major solutions

Based on WIFI, GSM, Bluetooth network; currently based on WIFI, GSM network or Bluetooth smart door lock is the mainstream choice at home and abroad. This is the most basic solution for smart door locks. In order to prevent the phone was stolen brush or hackers break the situation, these locks still need to choose the traditional key lock, but the key with smart chips, each time the door will be through the WeChat, SMS way to remind the user. Similar to Yale Lock, a domestic solution also uses the GSM data network, because the GSM data network can take the encrypted route, compared to WIFI and other programs more secure. In order to ensure security, the program also has a separate background and the cloud, can be connected with the phone to help users through the phone in time to accept and at any time to check the family access door information, and remote alarm. Based on the fingerprint identification of biological characteristics; fingerprint door lock is the use of human biometric fingerprints for identity security identification certification to open the door, with high-tech digital image processing, biometric and DSP algorithms and other technologies, in line with modern security requirements of a new generation of access control system The At present, the fingerprint lock has been widely used in government agencies, military bases, banks, senior apartments and other places need absolute security and privacy. Old Wang Xie Tang Qian Yan, flew into the homes of ordinary people. In the past, the use of fingerprints in related secret places now with some manufacturers of technology research is also gradually used in the lives of ordinary people. Face recognition and iris recognition; with Alibaba, Tencent and other financial products in the use of face recognition, this technology will rise to a new height. Data show that in 2012 China's face recognition industry market size of about 1.67 billion yuan, is expected by 2015, China's face recognition industry market size will reach 7.5 billion, the future potential market size will exceed 100 billion. The concept of face recognition companies are good technology, Hanwang technology.

In the smart lock tide driven by the domestic and foreign have been thinking about the new way out of the lock. Based on the network and Bluetooth smart door locks, fingerprint-based fingerprint door locks and even face recognition, iris recognition door lock has become a choice. These three solutions, based on the network and Bluetooth smart door lock is relatively conservative, and fingerprint, face, iris program is relatively radical. The three major solutions to talk about which is stronger, in fact, all manufacturers in the technical and practical aspects of their own thinking, have a strong rationality. At present, the application of intelligent lock has been widely applied, can be said to be a household name, to our life has brought great help, the real realization of the security. In this smart era, your home also applied a security smart lock it?