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1:Q: After the magnetic lock is energized, why the armature plate can’t be sucked?

A: Check whether the power supply is normal, the power LED is on (Red light),whether the Circuit board is damaged.

2:Q: Why the armature plate has been sucked, but has a slight vibration and the suction is insufficient?

A: Check whether the body surface of magnetic lock and adjust the armature plate is appressed,or try to adjust the looseness of armature plate,or check if the Current and voltage is sufficient.

3:Q: The magnetic lock use after a period of time, why the suction of armature plate is Insufficient?

A: (a)Check if the POWER SUPPLY output is reduced,”Current,Voltage”:1A/12V/24V.
    (b)Check if there are foreign objects on the surface of magnetic body(like Rust, dirt, debris and etc.)

4:Q: Why the armature plate of magnetic lock must be adjusted frequently?

A: (a)check whether the armature plate has installed the pin to fix.
    (b)check if the iron plate has installed the rubber pad.
    (c)suggest the clients to use Thread locker on screws.

5:Q: Why when the door closing the Magnetic Lock will make a loud voice?

A:  (a)Check whether there has installed the Shock absorption gasket.
     (b)Check the armature plate ,if the screw loose.
    (c)check whether the distance between the main body of magnetic lock and armature plate is appropriate.