Shenzhen, the first market of security in China

After nearly a decade of deep shuffling, security market pattern has undergone profound changes. The result of the shuffle is that the industry giant was born, and many well-known security enterprises we are familiar with disappear from people's sight.

Industry reshuffle is ruthless, even foreign security giants are not immune, not to mention how much technical content and market competitiveness of small and medium-sized security enterprises.

In this round of shuffling, all over the company fell. However, many people mistakenly think that shenzhen security enterprises "all destroyed". Is that true? You can't make a decision until you finish reading this article.

Shenzhen, the first market of security in China

Shenzhen security market label and reputation too much: The birthplace of China's security industry, China's security market bridgehead, China's security products manufacturing center, China's security products import and export distribution center, China's security first market, China's security market weathervane, China's security market barometer, global security capital......

Look at these labels, know shenzhen security industry once brilliant.

China's security industry started in the early 1980s. Due to policies and channels, foreign security enterprises could not directly penetrate the Chinese mainland market at the beginning, and their operations were generally through Hong Kong to Shenzhen, and then to all parts of the country.

Therefore, Shenzhen has become a bridgehead for foreign security enterprises to enter the Chinese market and the birthplace of China's security industry. Shenzhen has concentrated 70% of the country's primary agents, every year on the market more than 70% of the security products are sent to all parts of the country from Shenzhen.

In the past, the vast majority of security enterprises in China were concentrated in the Pearl River Delta region, among which shenzhen was the most concentrated. Security enterprises in Guangdong province account for almost half of the whole country, and Shenzhen accounts for more than half of Guangdong. The proportion of manufacturers is higher, and nearly half of the "heavyweight" security manufacturing enterprises in China are concentrated in Shenzhen. At the peak, Shenzhen has more than 4,300 security enterprises of all kinds, among which there are more than 1,700 manufacturers.

Shenzhen security has China's security industry half of the jiangshan, is indisputable China's security first market. Shenzhen is not only the security products manufacturing center, or security information center, the world's first security exhibition CPSE Security fair attention, at the same time, 80% of the domestic security media are concentrated in Shenzhen, so that Shenzhen has become the barometer and barometer of the security market. If away from or lost contact with shenzhen security market, it is difficult to grasp the pulse of China's security market.

Why did shenzhen security enterprises fall more

Shenzhen security industry overall advantage is obvious, is China's security industry "first group army", but in terms of singles, the advantage is not obvious. What causes this situation? There are many reasons. In my opinion, there are three main reasons:

1) Impetuous winds prevail. Security industry is very impetuous, shenzhen security industry especially impetuous. The Concept of "prefer to be the head of a chicken than the tail of a phoenix" has always been very strong in China, and this concept is even stronger in the security industry in Shenzhen, which also has distinct characteristics. Therefore, shenzhen security enterprises "division" and the phenomenon is very serious.

2. Focus on manufacturing rather than research and development. Shenzhen is a manufacturing center of security products, and there are many production-oriented enterprises. Many companies would rather build more production lines than spend more on research and development.

Throughout Shenzhen security enterprises, there are few enterprises with hundreds of r&d teams, not to mention hundreds of thousands of people. Without excellent RESEARCH and development team, it is easy to make the enterprise lag behind in the key process of technological iteration and be defeated.

3. Focus on the present rather than the long term. Many security enterprises in Shenzhen attach too much importance to immediate interests, impetuous, eager for quick success and immediate benefits, and lack of long-term vision and strategic planning for the development of enterprises.

Therefore, these years in Shenzhen really do not have a few big enterprises.

Why does the industry always think that shenzhen security enterprises "down" more? There are three main reasons, first, shenzhen itself more enterprises, the past local security exhibition exhibitors are also shenzhen security enterprises.

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