Which security sensors in smart home is necessary to install?

Door sensor, human body detector, smoke detector, water sensor, gas sensor, sound and light alarm, security camera and other equipment, can real-time monitoring of home safety, detect whether artificial intrusion, whether there is smoke, gas hidden danger, comprehensive and effective prevention of the family, eliminate security hidden danger.

Specific or need to choose according to the practicality of the family installation, but the following categories are very necessary to install:

1, door status sensor

So that every door and window in the home can be perceived, by judging the status of the door and window switch, remind the owner to pay attention to safety prevention or linkage intelligent scene. For example, a door sensor is installed on the door. When inputting intelligence or password, some intelligent scenes preset by you in advance will be turned on when the door is opened (the electrical appliances you want to turn on will be turned on one by one, and the lights in a certain area will be turned on).

2, body sensor

Infrared sensing human body movement, light intensity detection, linkage security equipment or light, people to light, people go lights out. It can be linked with lights, curtains and security equipment in the home. For example, if you install a body sensor under the bed in your bedroom, you don't need to turn on the light when you get up at night. The body sensor senses the movement of the body and then you can turn on the small night light mode, so that the sudden light will not affect the secretion of melatonin in the body and cause sleep.

3. Smoke sensors

Automatic detection of indoor smoke concentration, detection of excessive smoke concentration linkage intelligent scene or equipment, such as: shut down the circuit, shut down the gas pipe, etc. At the same time can send warning signals to the mobile phone, so that you timely processing, all-weather protection of your home, once the occurrence of security problems will also reduce the loss to a minimum.

4, gas sensor

24H automatic detection of gas leakage, when the gas leakage can be detected, the abnormal situation will be pushed to the mobile phone APP, at the same time linkage exhaust fan open and linkage electromagnetic valve to close the gas pipe.

5, water sensor

Often forget to turn off the faucet home installed a water sensor, real-time monitoring of indoor water immersion, found that water immersion, can be linked to the electromagnetic valve to close the water pipe.

6, sound and light alarm

When various sensors detect abnormal conditions, audible and visual alarm can be linked to issue audible and visual alarm. At the same time, in the fortified state, the mobile phone voice push abnormal situation to the owner, to prevent the loss of life and property.

7, security camera

The smart door lock opens the alert mode with one key, and starts the home security state. The camera and sensor monitor and guard the home security comprehensively, support the mobile phone remote real-time browsing screen and two-way voice intercom, switch multiple monitoring pages freely, and 360° panoramic detection of every corner of the home.

These are some of the sensors you need in your home. Of course, you can also add a temperature sensor, when the indoor temperature reaches how many degrees, the air conditioning will automatically open. The whole house smart home can make home life safer, more environmentally friendly and more intelligent, and can meet the needs of different people.