Development prospect of face recognition access control in security industry

Under the rapid development of biometrics technology, the application of intelligent products of face recognition technology is also more and more, some places are using the face recognition access control system, replacing the traditional access control, what do not need to take, since you need to brush a face can be identified. Face recognition access control in the security industry prospects? Face recognition gates have been applied in our office buildings, smart communities and stations. What do you know about facial recognition?

We all know that a few years ago the access control is through the key or IC access card, that is more advanced is the fingerprint identification access control, the traditional access control management of the two shortcomings of understanding;

First: the safety performance is not high

At present, some old area application of traditional access control system, the community has a variety of people, such as: leaflets, product sales, advertising desultorily, and there are unknown vehicles come and go. This not only affects the safety of residents, but also can not deal with some things. Because the traditional community security management is not high, I do not know how to solve some theft accidents.

Second: cumbersome

I'm sure you all have the experience of forgetting your keys. What if you forget your keys in the morning? Either you run up and get the keys, or you wait for someone to open the door. What about when you're in a hurry to get to work? That this month's full attendance, serious still have to deduct salary is it. This can be a painful experience for some forgetful office workers. And you lost your keys? Or go to the business office to handle the application procedures.

If the application of face recognition access control you will also encounter such a problem? That's not very good.

Face recognition is a product of the development of a new era, will also be more popular artificial intelligence technology products, face recognition access control in the security industry prospects?

With the rapid development of science and technology, face recognition access control application is more and more widely. In addition, at present, various pedestrian channels, such as villa areas, high-end residential areas, scenic spots, stations, office buildings, etc., as well as various clubs, hotels, entertainment venues, etc., are used for identification and automatic charge management. To pedestrian access door products. The future development prospect is still very broad!

Face recognition technology is widely used in factory attendance system, unit consumption system, community access control, scenic spot ticket checking system, and construction site palm system management. It comes in a variety of configurations and can be used in all built environments, addressing all control issues in pedestrian access.

Intelligent security, security is very important in wisdom city a, Jiang Xita the intelligent technology co., LTD for wisdom security introduced a multimodal biometric smart brake machine solution, the package is through the extension of independent research and development of the intelligent terminal, by extracting feature information, and visitor to compare, so as to ensure the safety of visitors to traffic, improve the security level.