To create the next security billions of market traditional enterprises how to dig gold?

With the maturity of network technology, the popularity of smart phones and the improvement of people's security awareness, civil security market has become a huge potential for development of the emerging market. It is understood that China's existing urban households of about 200 million households, in the next five years if a quarter of urban households to buy security product systems, the total purchase is expected to reach 50 million sets, calculated at 1000 yuan per set, the market size will reach 50 billion yuan, the average annual market demand of 10 billion yuan, Combined with GDP growth rate, urbanization development speed and micro enterprises, supermarkets and other institutions on the demand for light and small security equipment, will expand the market. This makes many home appliance enterprises, Internet enterprises and traditional security enterprises aware of the broad civil security market, began to enter this emerging market. At present, the whole market is at a critical point, the future will cause a "bloody storm" fierce battle, as the civil market "covetously" has long been the traditional security enterprises, how to seize billions of civil market?

Security civil market is facing problems

Although China's civil market is indeed large, but there are still big problems.

First, operational issues. If you just rely on operators to operate can not make up for the cost of the market, so manufacturers start to do operations. Manufacturers from the product to the operation of one-stop service, not only convenient to use customers, and may be more close to the needs of users.

Second, the issue of ease of application. Users are not professional staff and are not familiar with product features, so they should not let customers do too much setting when using the product. They need to plug and play, otherwise they will not use the product, which will cause failures and affect product reputation and market development. In addition, product after-sales service should also be careful, if the product in the application process problems, manufacturers can not quickly assist customers to solve problems, will also affect the user recess and product reputation.

Third, the cost problem. The average user is more sensitive to the price, so the price of the product should be close enough for the customer group of the average family, and the product quality should be guaranteed. Manufacturers in the research and development of civil products at the same time to consider the market price of product acceptance level, control the cost.

How to quickly open the civil market

For civil market, demand depends on people's subjective consciousness, how to guide demand is the main problem that security enterprises face. The viewpoint of expert is to want brand change, want human nature, want a variety of service to be integrated:

First, it is difficult to complete the security task of equipment alone, because of this, the integration degree of civil security products should also be further improved, the kind of upstream and downstream industry chain through, can provide a package of security solutions, pay attention to the credibility of the manufacturers will win more market initiative. Secondly, on product design, should pay more attention to installation and use of simple, functional all ready, have monitoring function already, have alarm function again. Third, usually the home installation wiring is more troublesome, more people are willing to choose wireless products to meet the needs of security monitoring, so civil security products both to network, and mobile.

For the domestic market, it is still necessary to strengthen research and development to provide products and systems with core competitiveness. At present, the domestic industrial market security, large-scale projects in the low-end products, installed in the home or shop, said that this is civil security, in fact, this is not innovative.

In view of the application of civil security products is in the family and community, so the appearance of the product should also be more beautiful and generous, color requirements are changeable, it is best to cooperate with the decoration style of the home, not only reflects the sense of science and technology, but also the warmth of the home. Finally, the civil market is quite sensitive to price, and low-end products have obvious advantages here. If you want to do well in this market, quality and cheap and simple to use will be a magic weapon.

In addition, civil security market has a great as a vast world - service. The first time a company sells a product or system, but the second time it sells a service. Product upgrading is also the concept of service, security products 3 to 6 years of life cycle for enterprise products to create a huge second demand opportunities, many security enterprises interested in making a difference in the civil field should pay particular attention to.

Conclusion: At present, the civil market has been "surging", for traditional security enterprises, this market is full of opportunities and challenges of the emerging market, traditional security enterprises with cutting-edge technology and excellent products to seize the civil market, let us wait and see.