Access control electric lock products occupy the high-end market Italy Lin electric lock to win the quality

With the improving of the level of economic development in our country, the demand for quality of life are also rising, high-grade residential development faster, also for high-end entrance guard brought considerable development prospects intelligent electric lock, followed by the security door industry in our country for door lock development technology investment increased year by year, the high-end market demand of access control electric lock also increased year by year. Nowadays, the number of access control electric lock brands in China has reached hundreds. For users, how to choose the right intelligent door lock has become a big problem that puzzles them at present.

In general, now used widely in intelligent door locks, including magnetic locks, electric plug locks, etc., the user when choosing smart door locks, tend to consider the quality and safety of electric lock, in the security system, entrance guard system of lock products is one of the important equipment in relation to the whole system security, so lock products quality and relationship quality and acceptance of the entire security engineering. For users, the service life of intelligent door lock should reach at least 3~5 years, so in addition to quality and security, it is best to consider a variety of factors when choosing intelligent door lock, such as product brand, quality, price, service and so on.

Take yilin electric lock's access control electric lock series products as an example, yilin electric lock has always taken product quality as a top priority, pay attention to the stability and reliability of electric lock products and systems, is an important strategy for Yilin electric lock to improve user experience and establish a good image of the product brand.

Meaning Lin electric lock of independent development, production of entrance guard system used to choose the industry of advanced entrance guard system, the system design, equipment selection, commissioning, installation and other links are strictly carry out related international or industry standard, meaning Lin electric lock products will be through the national security technology to guard against certification testing, the system has good stability and reliability. Most of the access control electric lock hardware with its miniaturization, lightweight design, so that the product effectively achieve low power consumption, environmental protection standards. Yilin electric lock products in the market before, will pass multiple tests to ensure that its compatibility is good, to meet the user's requirements for stability and security.

And in addition, as the users demand is growing, today's entrance guard system used with other security systems often need to be able to realize the linkage function, based on factors such as the system cost, and safety consideration, the requirements for security system has now is no longer a single-soldier combat mode, each subsystem but emphasizes using linkage between each subsystem, bring out the best in each other's complementary pattern. This helps the system respond faster and keeps people safe.

1. Interconnect with the fire alarm system

In crowded places, it is difficult to evacuate people in emergency situations such as fire alarm and terrorist attack, especially after the installation of access control system in these places, this problem is particularly obvious, the "door god" of usual security, at this time has become a major obstacle for people to escape. Therefore, the access control system must have the fire linkage function.

2. Interwork with video surveillance

Video surveillance is an important subsystem in security system, and it is also a necessary security equipment in any large public place. The access control system can cooperate with the camera and matrix of the monitoring system to realize the function of capturing and monitoring the controlled door.

3. Linkage with building intercom system

The linkage between the access control system and the intercom system is the joint linkage. This linkage mode is mainly to integrate the access control system into the intercom door machine of the building to realize the function of swipe the card to enter the door. The correlation between the two is the connection of pure hardware. And this linkage basically does not have any technical difficulty, as long as there is reserved space in the intercom host to install access control controller board, it can fully realize the function of "intercom + access control".

4. Linkage with elevator control

Entrance guard system and elevator linkage control implement the following main functions: the public become the owner of the elevator, elevator can realize user credit card use elevator (need to press the number keys floor), and the user charge the elevator to the building after the specified level (no need to press the number keys floor), reduce the elevator wrong operation and idle, effectively reduce loss, easing the burden on the elevator maintenance, save maintenance cost. After registration, the manager issues a temporary access card or makes the elevator reach the designated floor with the password set by the card holder of the defendant. The essence of its function realization is to convert the switch input of the elevator button into the switch input of the relay on the access controller, and the action of swiping the card replaces the action of the button.

Although the application of today's intelligent access control electric lock system is not yet popular, but with the improvement of social security awareness, the application of intelligent access control such as access card will be more and more widespread. In the choice of access control products, the application of products with good quality and better use experience in society will be more popular.