YLI Electronic Lock Achieved a lot in 2019 CPSE

During 2019 CPSE, we experience new trending of high-tech in various products in our industry, you may see surprises of AI, 5G and IoT development and new technologies applied in different fields.

While the quantity reduction of exhibitors in overseas exhibitions is happening, we know there is great potential changes rising globally and Chinese security enterprises is going to dominate the market.CPSE changes from being a platform for importing advanced security products and technologies to being a stage of displaying our domestic security companies’ strength and influence.

What makes us more delight is our faith toward our products from customers building firmly.As an outstanding domestic electric lock manufacturer,YLI unveils its debuting models in No.3 hall and encounters visitors from all over the world. Let us review our moment in 2019 CPSE.




Our Booth No. is 3B27 Hall 3, there are exhibition areas for magnetic lock, electric bolt, electric strike, exit button, door holder, keypad, auto-door equipment, power supply etc.

We practise tension testing at the scene. With participants’ joining, we feel each other’s passion for our products.

YLI attracts professional companies’ attention from various countries.And YLI displays solution of electric lock for sliding door in China being the only one manufacturer,which receives appreciation from customers. Besides, YLI releases its great holding-force-performance 280kg magnetic lock for 300kgs holding force tension test. That makes YLI be the only one manufacturer whose magnetic locks achieve what it declares.


New Model

Electric bolt,magnetic lock,exit button etc.



Rewards within Industry

                                                                                                                                              YLI wins countless rewards during 2019 CPSE

For remarkable person,our CEO Mr Cen is authorized great reputation as CPSE Outstanding Delegate in 30 Years. The person who receives this honor is a participant and witness of CPSE development in 30 years and contributes remarkably to security industry. YLI gains reward of CPSE Top 100 Innovation Enterprises in 30 Years


Though having closing ceremony,all new technologies spring up making us still enjoy its fantastic experience. With leadership by Mr Cen, we will endeavor to assist prosperous development of security industry.