YLI Electronic Lock In Secutech Beijing - China International Exhibition!

YLI Electronic Lock this ambo will bring the latest large LED lights, side light. There are two choices of 280kg magnetic lock and 500kg magnetic lock, the products are fashionable and simple. YLI Electronic has also launched a new smart padlock with YB-620 (LED) and a smart padlock with YB-660 door handle. China's only design and production, 304 solid lock tongue 20mm diameter plug lock manufacturers, suitable for various door frame installation; It can withstand the impact of 2000kg, and all the moving parts are made of metal structure. In high temperature 60 ℃ and 40 ℃ below zero cold under the bad environment can be normal use, professional and durable type solenoid valve, special photoelectric control temperature and ultra low power design, prevent invasion of circuit and the design of the intelligent logic circuit, multi-function integrated into an organic whole, is a particularly high effectively meet the heavy door and security demand of places such as prison, military firearms cabinets, banking center, important database, etc., install and use the best products.